World-Renowned Glass Artist Jack Storms’ Crystal Cube Featured in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s no secret that Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy has broken box-office records, becoming the universal #1 summer hit! In its wake, enthusiasts have immersed themselves in the secrets of the film’s beloved Easter Eggs and focused excitedly on the mysterious origins of the featured glass cube, commissioned by fine-art glass artist Jack Storms. Fan forums are buzzing with the notion that this work of art foreshadows events of the upcoming film The Avengers 2, possibly even portraying the fabled Cosmic Cube (or Tesseract) upon which the sequel is rumored to be based!

Jack Storms was first tapped by Marvel Studios to create a unique glass cube for Guardians of the Galaxy in April, 2013. Given miniscule information about the cube’s specific purpose, Storms created the piece using his signature cold-glass process, gleaming inspiration from comic book culture and small hints dropped by studio members.

“It’s truly an honor to play a part in this cultural phenomenon,” Storms stated. “I’m stunned by how positive the feedback has been and overwhelmed by the speculation that’s taken place. It’s a great feeling.”

The gifted artist first opened his studio, StormWorks Studio, in 2002 and his work has previously been commissioned by world figures and celebrities to commemorate notable occasions. In honor of baseball legend Derek Jeter’s historic accomplishment of reaching his 3,000th hit, Storms was hand-chosen to create a stunning, life-sized, optic crystal baseball bat for Jeter to display in his home. Storms also created the Fireman’s Bell sculpture for the City of Pleasanton’s Firehouse Arts Center and crafted an emissaries gift to the President of Nigeria to celebrate Africa’s first blood bank.

Jack Storms utilizes the Theory of Fibonacci to cultivate his pieces, incorporating the natural sequence of repeating mathematical patterns (commonly known as the Golden Ratio) to infuse each work with brilliant, geometrically-arranged colors. His award-winning design method consists of cutting, polishing and laminating lead crystal. When wrapped in optical glass, light is refracted into a radiant spectrum. This intense process can take up to 18 weeks to complete, resulting in unique, stunning pieces of contemporary art.

Dedicated Marvel enthusiasts should keep their eyes peeled — Storm’s work may portent a significant message for the Marvel universe!

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