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3000 Hits Baseball Bat

3000 Hits Baseball Bat | Glass Sculpture by Fine Art Glass Artist Jack Storms

In February of 2012, Jack Storms honored New York Yankees Player Derek Jeter for becoming the 28th person in the history of Major League Baseball to make the 3000 hits list with an incredibly unique sculpture, commissioned specifically for the occasion. Jack spent ten months planning and 3 months sculpting this stunning life-sized, optic crystal baseball bat, which contains an incredible 3,000 pieces of optic crystal laminated together and then turned on Jacks personally designed lathe intended to shape cold glass. A fitting tribute to such an amazing accomplishment!

The concept came from Jack Storms and Douglas Biro, a longtime friend and associate of Derek’s. The bat is a 1:1 ratio of Derek’s bat, the Louisville Slugger P72. Bat specialist Robbie Bond was brought in to consult in the shipping technique needed to form the bat. The process took 8 weeks to complete. The bat was presented to Derek in private on the week of the “Derek Jeter Celebrity Golf Classics” in Tampa, FL where Vivian and Jack Storms attended and donated an OpTee for private auction to benefit the Turn2 foundation.

As a limited edition piece, the 3000 Hits Baseball Bat is only available for commission through Storms Fine Art.

Starting price on this piece is $50,000