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BellaFlutes | Glass Sculpture by Fine Art Glass Artist Jack Storms

After the creation of the BellaChampagne understandably came the BellaFlutes Classico. These eye-catching pieces would add a modern appeal to any owners’ exquisite art collection. As a set of two, they play off of each others dancing lights and colors. The BellaFlutes Classico exude elegance and naturally illuminates any room.

With intentions of expanding the BellaVino collection, Jack Storms ultimately created a sister pair to the BellaFlutes Classico named the BellaFlutes Lux. Synonymous with luxury and fine living, the BellaFlutes Lux edition has an elegant flared silhouette and is the perfect accent for any art collection.

Each one of Jack Storms cold glass sculptures starts at the core. The artist then cuts, grinds, polishes and laminates the glass together, hundreds of times; until he achieves the core design he aspires for. Jack is known to reference the theory of Fibonacci throughout ideation and creation of all his glass designs. He then encases the core into optical crystal and hand sculpts each piece to shape. Each one of his glass sculptures takes anywhere from six to twenty four weeks to create and all of his artworks are original pieces of fine art. All of Jack Storms glass sculptures are designed using a cold-working lathe. There is no heat involved in the process whatsoever. The materials used on each one of Jack Storms’ glass sculptures are 32% optical lead crystal, optical crystal and dichroic glass.

Starting price for Champagne Flutes set is $11,760.

Available Sizes:

Standard Champagne Glass Size