Jack Storms Team

Jack Storms, Master Sculptor

At the studio he is another silly guy making jokes all day and acting like he is in 6th grade with his buddies. He loves to come to work and sculpt, so he really doesn’t work a day in his life. His three greatest loves are his wife Vivian, his son Owen and glass. He lives and breathes art, in all of its forms. He is constantly creating, inventing and brainstorming.

When he is not at the studio you can find him playing video games with Owen in between dips at the pool and trips to the store for fresh Froyo. Jack is a big guy on the outside but he is a kid at heart and he has a heart bigger than you can imagine. He is a big animal lover and he makes sure to rescue as many as he can, at this time he has four rescued dogs, two rescued guinea pigs and if Vivian wouldn’t stop him the list wouldn’t stop there.

Vivian Storms, CEO

Vivian is, by definition, a workaholic or you can say… BOSS LADY?! Yes, she is that and more. She has dedicated her entire life to showing the world her husband’s spectacular talents. She is tirelessly propelling the company forward and is the heartbeat behind the Storms brand. Vivian is the CEO, the head of marketing, sales and client relations to all three Storms companies, she is also a mom to a 7 yr old and a wife to a very successful artist… and she manages to do it all so perfectly we still don’t understand how she does it. Vivian like Jack has a big heart, even though she is very young she treats everyone in the company like her own family. When she is not at the studio or at the gallery working away you will easily find her at home surrounded by friends, their kids, Owen and Jack holding a glass of wine and make smore’s on the fire pit.

Richard McKenna, Studio Manager

All the way from Northern California, Richard has been Jack’s right hand for the last 5 years. He is a family man and a very hard worker. Richard shares his time between managing Jack’s studio and football, soccer and cheerleader competitions with his kids Skyle, Emery and Jordan. On his free time he likes to go to Vegas, watch UFC and enjoy life with his lovely wife Amanda and their kids.

Nancy Chavez, Office & Production Manager

Nancy is Vivian’s right hand and the muscle behind the operations of the business. With a degree in Business Administration Nancy brings to the table the knowledge and experience needed to make sure everything is running smoothly. Nancy is fun, funny and always have a beautiful smile on her face. SoCal born and bred, she loves coming to work everyday because there is always something new to learn at Storms studio. Her daughter Penelope is her world.

Carlos Ramos, Production Assistant Manager

Originally from Mexico, Carlos has worked closely with Jack for the last 3 years. He is a specialist in all things lathe and you will often find him by Jack’s side when the artist is making his beautiful eggs, wine bottles and lathe shaped pieces. He loves everything about his job and works hard for his 3 kids and wife. He loves to collect and restore anything with a motor and four wheels. Carlos is a jokester and he makes sure to keep everybody in the studio laughing and having fun at all times.

Alek Ulmer, Artist’s Assistant

With a Hawkeye attention to detail and Superman like ability to grind class, Alek is a new addition to the studio but he is already showing that he is here to stay. He shares his time between the studio and the glue room working closely with Jack. Alek is currently single, has a beautiful daughter and loves all things Marvel.