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About Jack Storms

Contemporary Glass Sculptor
Jack Storms stands as a remarkable figure in the world of contemporary art, celebrated for his extraordinary glass sculptures. His artistic journey is a testament to his dedication to the craft, and his works are a fusion of technical mastery and aesthetic splendor.

The Artistic Process
Jack's artistry is grounded in a labor-intensive cold-glass process, a technique that sets him apart in the glass art community. This meticulous method involves the fusion of lead crystal and dichroic glass, resulting in creations that are as much a feat of engineering as they are of art. Each sculpture demands several months of dedication, characterized by precise cutting and elaborate polishing. The complexity of this process highlights Jack's commitment to perfection and innovation.

A Symphony of Light and Color
The hallmark of Jack's sculptures lies in their dynamic interplay of light and color. These pieces are not merely static works of
glass; they are living entities that interact with their surroundings. The fluid shapes and intricate designs of his sculptures capture and refract light, creating a kaleidoscope of colors that change with the viewer's perspective. This transformative quality ensures that each viewing is a unique experience.

Recognition and Exhibitions
Jack's unique approach to glass art has earned him significant acclaim and recognition. His sculptures have graced numerous art shows and galleries, captivating audiences with their precision and avant-garde designs. As a visionary artist, Jack continues to push the boundaries of glass art, challenging both himself and the expectations of the art world.

The Artist's Vision
In every creation, Jack Storms aims to bridge the gap between artistic expression and technical craftsmanship. His sculptures are not just objects of beauty; they are embodiments of his passion for pushing the limits of glass art. Through his work, Jack invites us to explore the captivating interplay of color, light and form.

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