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Moonstone 100 Carat

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The Moonstone 100 Carat isn't called the 100 Carat because it is equivalent to 100 carats (it is probably more), it is called this because it truly shines like a diamond, but with far more colors! 

It is made out of the finest optical lead crystal and dichroic glass that has been meticulously cut and polished. Each Moonstone features over three hundred cuts and naturally sparkles like a large diamond.

Unlike the dreamstone, this piece is 100% hand sculpted and polished by Jack storms by hand.  There are no gem cutters involved ensuring that each piece is absolutely unique!

This wearable sculpture is paired with a solid silver snake chain that is infinitely adjustable from 24" all the way down to 0".  This allows you to wear your wearable however you see fit, for any occasion!

Detailed Features

1 1/2" x  1/2" x  3/4"

(Height x Length x Width)

  • Sterling Silver Chain
  • Multicolored
  • Cold Sculpted
  • Dichroic Glass


Please note delivery may take between one to two weeks. Each piece is hand sculpted and finished to order for you. 

Each piece from Jack Storms wearables creations is unique. Sizing and weight is given for information only and may vary slightly from one piece to another. 

All Wearables can not be refunded once ordered.  These are custom made for you.  I will however accept exchanges if you are unhappy with your piece.

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