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Optic Eye

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The first piece Jack Storms ever designed was the Optic Eye. To him, it was a simple advancement of what he had already learned of optic cold-glass working. Previously, all the shapes he had worked on or seen had a front and back with distinct boundaries. This work allowed him to shape the corners into the sides as he angled the piece from side to side. He did not intend to shape an “Eye” form; it just happened as he explored the concept of pushing the cold work from an art that was very technical and distinct from the human experience to something that seems more like it was organically created. The Optic Eye can also be created in two additional versions when lined with blue or rose/green opticial glass, respectively named the Sapphire Eye or the Bloodshot Eye.

Each one of Jack Storms cold glass sculptures starts at the core. The artist then cuts, grinds, polishes and laminates the glass together, hundreds of times; until he achieves the core design he aspires for. Jack is known to reference the theory of Fibonacci throughout ideation and creation of all his glass designs. He then encases the core into optical crystal and hand sculpts each piece to shape. Each one of his glass sculptures takes anywhere from six to twenty four weeks to create and all of his artworks are original pieces of fine art. All of Jack Storms glass sculptures are designed using a cold-working lathe. There is no heat involved in the process whatsoever. The materials used on each one of Jack Storms’ glass sculptures are 32% optical lead crystal, optical crystal and dichroic glass.

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